Zaki Tentacle Garden   Disintegrator Gate

"This room contains of a rare tentacle creature discovered by Zaki military and was repurposed to repel enemy boarders. "

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Name Size Innate Armor PowerPowerIcon Consumption Stat Enhancement
Level Reload Time Crew Damage Ship Level Required


The Zaki Tentacle Garden was a tournament reward given to members of the winning fleet ZAKI龍, and to the top 50 players on the Individual Leaderboard during the August 2018 Tournament. It's a defense/trap room that consumes three maximum power. As with the Security Gate, whenever an enemy boarder walks into the Garden whilst it’s fully charged, they will be hit with the room's 10 crew damage.


In Combat

As stated above, the Zaki Tentacle Garden deals 10 crew damage. This can cripple enemy boarders if the Garden is placed near important rooms like the Shield Generator and Fusion Reactor or near Lifts. The Garden also has an innate 100 Armor and can equip Modules to further improve its effectiveness.

When To Use

The Zaki Tentacle Garden’s 2x2 size (double that of the standard Security Gate) and 3 max power consumption can make it difficult to justify on some ships. However, for ships that struggle against boarders, the Garden might be a nice little bit of extra protection.


Since the Zaki Tentacle Garden only deals damage to enemy boarders, it doesn’t need power if the enemy doesn't have an active Teleport. Below is an AI command that will automatically depower the Zaki Tentacle Garden if the enemy doesn't have an active Teleport. Also, the Zaki Tentacle Garden is counted as a "Security Room" in AI coding.

Enemy Teleport HP > 0% -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Set Zero Power

A slightly more complicated version of the above AI command will power the Zaki Tentacle Garden if the enemy crew are in the enemy's Teleport. This command requires Python 3.X.

None -> Target Enemy Teleport
Target Room Has Enemy -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Set Zero Power

Crew Interactions

The Zaki Tentacle Garden cannot be buffed with crew.

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