Android Studio   Visiri Mechbay

"Visiri Prototype Mechbay."

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Name Size PowerPowerIcon Consumption Stat Enhancement
Level Reload Time Capacity Ship Level Required
Storage Manufacture


The Visiri Mechbay is basically a two power level 7 Android Studio bought from Special Offers. The Visiri Mechbay has the same mechanics as the Android Studio. It can build the same exact Androids, it can only launch two Androids at a time, and the Androids deployed function the exact same way. The Visiri Mechbay can be used alongside the Android Studio in combat, allowing for a total of four Androids at a time.


In Combat

The Visiri Mechbay is best used in conjunction with the Android Studio to launch massive swarms of Androids. With the Visiri Mechbay's two maximum power, this could potentially make it a huge target for enemies. Thus, Armor the Visri Mechbay as much as possible. Besides that, the Visri Mechbay should be treated the exact same way the Android Studio would regarding placement and usage.

Android Combos

Read First

The combos below require the player to have both the Android Studio and Visiri Mechbay onboard the ship. If the player wishes to only use the Visri Mechbay, the strategies for it are listed here.

Service Spam Combo [Support][Mid-Late Game] ServiceDroid5 + ServiceDroid5 + ServiceDroid5 + ServiceDroid5

The Service Spam Combo is the most commonly used combo. It utilizes 4 Service Droids to repair a multitude of damaged rooms with ease. Service Droids can also heal other Crew with its Healing Rain ability, allowing for massive heals in a short period of time.

Defence Spam Combo [Support][Mid-Late Game] DefenderDroid5 + DefenderDroid5 + DefenderDroid5 + DefenderDroid5

The Defence Spam Combo utilizes 4 Defence Droids that bombard enemy boarders onboard the player's ship. Defence Droids have the ability, Critical Attack. This allows the Android to do a lot guaranteed damage on enemy boarders.

Boarder Spam Combo [Win Condition][Mid-Late Game] BoarderDroid5 + BoarderDroid5 + BoarderDroid5 + BoarderDroid5

The Boarder Spam Combo utilizes 4 Boarder Droids that use the player's Teleport to board the enemy ship and cause massive damage. Boarder Droids have the ability, Ultra Dismantle. This allows the Android to do massive damage to the first room it attacks. The amount of Boarder Droids launched outmatch the speed of which the Teleport can reload, so many players recommend switching one of the Boarder Droids for a Defence/Service Droid.

Repair and Attack Combo [Support][Mid-Late Game] ServiceDroid5 + ServiceDroid5 + (BoarderDroid5 + BoarderDroid5 / DefenderDroid5 + DefenderDroid5)

The Repair and Attack Combo utilizes both Service and Defence/Boarder Droids. By pairing the Androids together, the player can have multiple combos going on at once. For example, 2 Boarder Droids and 2 Service Droids allows the player to mass board the enemy ship whilst also repairing rooms and healing repair Crew.

When To Use

The Visiri Mechbay is best used in conjunction with the Android Studio. Four Androids being deployed instead of two allows for a multitude of deadly strategies the player can use. However, if the player doesn't wish to do this the Visiri Mechbay can also be used as a substitute for the Android Studio. It requires less power and is more effective than the Android Studio until ship level 11.


There has to be an AI inside the Visiri Mechbay that equips currently built Androids. If there isn't, the Visiri Mechbay won't deploy any Androids during combat unless the player manually selects an Android to deploy. Here is a list of Android Equip Commands and what Android they refer to. The "Set Highest ___" commands are broken and will not do anything. The Visiri Mechbay itself is categorized as a "Droid Room" in AI coding.

Set Cheapest Items -> Android That Costs The Least Amount Of Mineral Mineral To Build
Set Dearest Items -> Android That Costs The Most Amount Of Mineral Mineral To Build
Set Item To None -> Unequip Androids

Crew Interactions

The Visiri Mechbay is buffed with the Engine EngineTrainingIcon stat on crew. The formula used with this stat can be found here.

Powered Rooms

Weapon Rooms

Energy Rooms: Mineral Mining LaserKias BlasterK BlasterPlasma PhaserPhaserLaser BlasterPhoton DisruptorEMP CannonIon Cannon

Ballistic Rooms: BolterRailgun

Missile/DOA Rooms: Missile LauncherMulti Missile LauncherHangarTeleportMedium Weapons Platform

Defensive Rooms

Defends Via Damage: Anti Craft LaserSecurity GateGas TrapZaki Tentacle GardenDisintegrator Gate

Defends Via Support: Shield GeneratorShield BatteryMed BayToiletAndroid StudioVisiri MechbayRadar

Defends Via Dodge: EngineFusion Drive EngineCloak Generator


Small ReactorFusion ReactorCoal Reactor