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Important Balance & Upcoming Changes (Within Next 60 Days):

  1. AI and weapons rebalancing
  2. Special Event Tournaments
  3. Live PVP (Phase 1 release)
  4. Room Upgrade Modules
  5. Star Academy

Important Balance & Upcoming Changes Coming Not So Soon:

  1. Alliance Wars
  2. AW - Area Conquest
  3. AW - Spacestation
  4. New Adventure Mode battles

Recent Balance Changes

May 2017

- Advanced Dependency AI

- Badge Selection

April 2017

- Room Traps

- Defensive Crew will now use action first

- Teleported crew to have 0.5 Second cooldown to readjust to travel sickness

- New EMP Craft

March 2017

- New EMP Blaster Added

- Defence bonus now use a log equation. Additional Armor levels added

- Lifts now upgradable

- New Maintenance Vents Added

- Monthly accelerated farming mode added

- Market API updated to stop bidding bots

- Revenge attacks now available

- PVP Looting system updated

- UI Will be overhauled with new Graphics and new input controls

- Personal Aerial Drones added

- Crew ship skills effects. Pilot skill will got a boost back closer to original levels in next feature update following formula change.

February 2017

- EMP Missile speeds increased

- Jungler Damage increased

- New handheld weapons added

- Ship Repair times reduced about 25%

- Ion Cannon build time increase

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