"Enables crew to be teleported to nearby planets and vessels."

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The Teleport is a 3x2 weapon room unlocked at level five. The Teleport allows your crew to board the enemy ship and decimate systems and crew. To teleport to the enemy ship you first have to make sure the crew member can reach the Teleport and that the Teleport itself is fully operational. Once the crew member is inside the Teleport, just drag the crew member to a room on the enemy ship. This can also be done with AI commands.


Teleport Mechanics

Since the Teleport is a 3x2 room, it can hold up to three defending crew members. Your crew member counts as defending when he/she goes to the Teleport itself instead of targeting an enemy room. Defending crew act like normal crew members, they attack enemy boarders, repair the room, etc.

Your crew member counts as waiting when he/she has targetted an enemy room instead of the Teleport. Waiting crew members stack up in the middle of the Teleport and don't take up that three defending crew limit. Waiting crew cannot repair the Teleport, fight off enemy boarders, or use their ability inside the Teleport unless you make them a defending crew member by making them target the Teleport. Crew Abilities and Fire Damage will still affect waiting crew members.

Boarding Mechanics

Once your Teleport charges up fully, your waiting crew member will board the enemy ship. Shield Generators will not stop the enemy crew from boarding. After they are on the ship, the Teleport will have to reload again. Do note that you can send the crew member back to your ship via dragging or AI. The Teleport doesn't need to be fully charged for your crew to get sent back, and sending your crew member back doesn't cause the Teleport to reload again.

Your boarding and waiting crew members will take up crew space on enemy rooms. Thus, you can not have four enemy, friendly, and waiting crew going to the same 3x2 room. All boarding crew also have a preferred room spot they go to before they start attacking. This spot is usually the rightmost area of that room, but crew members that are already going/targeting that room can alter where your crew's preferred room spot will be. Nonetheless, unless the crew member is in his/her preferred room spot, he/she will not be able to attack enemy systems, attack enemy crew, use his/her ability, activate enemy modules, or be attacked by enemy crew members. The crew member entering the room will always attack after the crew member inside the room as well.

Your crew member will automatically attack powered rooms/crew once they are in their preferred room spot. The damage dealt can be reduced if the room has Armor or Modules protecting it. Also, Enemy AI will always go first when you're onboard their ship. So as an example, let's say both your crew member and the enemy crew member have a "None -> Use Special Power" AI command. The enemy crew member will always active their ability first.

Boarder Tips



Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Name Size Maximum Power Consumption
Level Reload Time Upgrade Ship Level Required
75.5s2M1w 1d 5h 46m 40s10
85.25s2.1M1w 2d 53m 20s10
95.125s2.3M1d 22h 53m 20s11

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