• This is a new page to aid in the new MOD missions feature of the game. Anyone can write custom missions here; upon approval they will be added to the game. Please stick to existing game functionality.

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  • This is a board for anyone to suggest new game features. Add Fire effect as crew ability, give it to Rocky. He's a magma monster anyhow.

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    Last post by Vrenadi 12:59, August 17, 2017

  • Have any woes, worries or complaints? Anything you want to let out because of Pixel Starships, please do so here!

    • 104 threads
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    Last post by A FANDOM user 23:32, September 13, 2017

  • Big news and stuffs!

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    Last post by A FANDOM user 16:49, June 27, 2017

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