General Information

  • Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade everything in Pixel Starships.
  • You can see how many of each resource you have via the counters in the left of your screen.
  • Resources are gained primarily by stealing them from other starships. Destroying a starship always gives resources as part of the reward.
  • Every resource except Starbux has a Resource Room that produces it and one that stores it.
    • The Mineral resource is also produced by a weapon room, the Mining Laser.


  • Minerals are produced by the Mine and stored in the Mineral Storage.
  • They are used to recruit crew members, buy and upgrade starships, build and upgrade rooms.


  • Gas is produced by the Gas Collector and stored in the Gas Storage.
  • It is used to craft ammos for some rooms, build crafts, start researches, improve the crew members' levels, build and upgrade rooms.


  • Starbux are the premium currency of the game.
  • They are used to scan enemy ships, recruit crew members, buy other resources, speed up upgrade times or buy premium things.

Getting and Using Resources

Resource Obtained by... Uses

  • Building or upgrading rooms
  • Recruiting crew members in the Starbar or in the Dropship
  • Buying or upgrading starships

  • Gas Collector
  • Destroying enemy starships
  • Missions
  • Buying with Starbuxes

  • In-App Purchase
  • Achievements
  • Missions
  • Getting scanned by an enemy
  • Daily Dropship reward
  • Beginning your game
  • Starting an upgrade/construction with insufficient amounts of other resources
  • Finishing an upgrade/construction instantly
  • Finish building missiles, crafts and charges
  • Finish a research and start some of them
  • Buying some starships
  • Recruiting crew members in the Starbar or in the Dropship
  • Scanning enemy starships
  • Buying minerals or gas

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