M 412834

A level 8 Qtarian Ship in some promotional art.


The Qtarian Faction is one of the 3 starter factions you get to pick in Pixel Starships. The other two being the Pirate and the Federation. The Quarian faction like every other faction, has the same number of grids as the other 2 factions.


The differences between the other 2, is that Qtarian ships have a much more vertical design, this makes Lifts a must along with many long holdups when crew try to get from place to place.


The main color scheme for the Qtarian ships is a dark yellow. They seem to have many Shells and are very vertically long. Qtarian ships also have 2-3 Different hull branches which can be switched to at level 10.

The List of Qtarian Ships can be found here Qtarian Ships, Qtarian Hybrid Ships, Qtarian Armada Ships, and Oracle Ships.

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