A Level 7 Pirate Ship in some promotional art.


The Pirate Faction is one of the 3 starter factions you get to pick in Pixel Starships. The other two being the Federation and the Qtarian. This faction usually has the least amount of grids.


The differences between the other 2, is that the Pirate faction has alot more grids elongated, this can make it great for sandwiching and mass armor, but also can really hurt as the even grids can leave alot of space open.


The main color scheme for the Pirate ships are their distinct Red and Grey color along with its threatening skull. They also have two special ship branches unlocked at level 10, these are either Scavenger or Horizon ships.

The List of Pirate Ships can be found here Pirate Ships, Pirate Scavenger Ships, and Pirate Horizon Ships.

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