"Heavy armour piercing missile. Effective against ship hull."

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Volley Space Projectile Speed
1212 Pixels/s
Level Direct Hull Damage Build
10.5751m 40s
20.6901m 40s
30.71151m 40s
40.81401m 40s
50.91701m 40s
612001m 40s


The Penetrator Missile is a Missile unlocked for the Missile Launcher/Multi Missile Launcher after the player researches Penetrator. Like other Missiles, the Penetrator Missile bypasses shields and can be dodged by ships that have an Engine equipped. The Penetrator Missile can also be upgraded by continuing to research Penetrator in the Laboratory.

The Penetrator Missile deals direct hull damage to the Room it hits. Direct hull damage is a damage type that completely ignores system health and instead damages the enemy's HP/hull directly. This damage will still be affected by damage penalties from Armor, Small Beacons, and Innate Armor.


Missile Combos

Penetrator Spam [Win Condition][Early-End Game] Penetrator6 + Penetrator6

The Penetrator Spam combo is by far the most used combo for the Penetrator Missile. Basically, this combo involves targeting sparsely Armored rooms to deal as much direct hull damage as you can. Engines will be the biggest target for you as the dodge rate can cost you the battle.

3X Penetrator Spam [Win Condition] Penetrator6 + Penetrator6 + Penetrator6

The 3X Penetrator Spam combo is basically the upgraded version of the normal Penetrator Spam combo. The extra Missile makes the combo even more threatening. As usual with Penetrator builds, target Engines to reduce dodge chance, and rooms with little Armor to get the most direct hull damage out of each missile.

When To Use

The Penetrator Missile is a win condition (meaning it only affects the enemy's HP, which must be 0 to win) and thus, can't be swapped in as easily as other Missiles could. However, here are some general tips for success when running the combos: Crew manning the Missile Launchers/Multi Missile Launcher should have good a good weapon stat; Plenty of defender Crew should be positioned to kill enemy boarders; the ship using the combo must have the ability to withstand high DPS from the enemy.


The AI equip command for the Penetrator Missile is pretty simple. Remember to put the below AI equip command in the Missile Launcher/Multi Missile Launcher to automatically equip the Penetrator Missile during combat.

None -> Set Highest Hull Damage


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