"Heavy armour piercing missile. Effective against ship hull."

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The Penetrator Missile is the second missile you can research for the Missile Launcher. This Missile is heavily used due to its high direct hull damage and small system damage. This allows for a fast and quick kill against the enemy. Armor surrounding the room or area decreases the amount of direct hull damage dealt, so be careful. This missile is also buffed (Increase In Level) by researching Penetrator.


The (Penetrator6 + Penetrator6) Combo:

This strategy is heavily used in most PvP. This strategy simply involves spamming Penetrator Missiles into the enemy. It's pretty simple and it's pretty deadly, it often kills entire ships with most if not all their systems still up.

The (Penetrator6 + Scarlet6) Combo:

This strategy is not as common as the above mentioned, but it still has some sort of use. The Penetrator does a tiny bit of system damage, this still attracts all repair crew to the room. Using a Scarlet on that same room will do continuous system damage and kill the crew.

AI Tips

The AI of the Penetrator Missile is probably the most simple of the missiles. All you need it to do is hit a usually unarmored room that everyone has, why unarmored? Because armor reduces the direct hull damage the missile gives. Reactors are probably the best choice in this regard. Remember to put this AI in the Missile Launcher.

The Average Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Target Enemy Reactors
None -> Set Highest Hull Damage

This is a simple AI, but it still is an incredibly deadly one. However, with some retweaks you can make the AI much more deadly, here is an example of this new advanced AI.

Advanced AI Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Target Enemy Engine
None -> Target Enemy Reactor
None -> Set Highest Hull Damage

This AI seems the exact same, but the small system damage the Penetrator does still takes off a power bar from the Engine. This brings the enemies dodge chance down by alot, this allows more Penetrators to hit. This also draws repair crew to the room which can be good if you pair this missile with a Scarlet Missile.


Space Speed
Level Damage Build
System Hull Cost
10.10.7351m 30s
20.10.8601m 35s
30.10.91001m 40s
40.111501m 45s
50.11.11801m 50s
60.11.22001m 55s


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