Missile Launcher   Multi Missile Launcher

Normal Variant Kickstarter Variant
"Unique Missile Launcher."

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Name Size PowerPowerIcon Consumption Stat Enhancement
Level Reload Time Capacity Cost
Ship Level Required
Storage Manufacture


The multi missile launcher acts similar to a normal Missile Launcher, except it only consumes one power, has much more reload time and has less building capacity and storage. The Multi Missile Launcher costs 95 Doves Points to buy in the Dove Store and counts as a stand-alone room. Thus, it can be paired with two Missile Launchers in combat for destructive combos.

The Multi Missile Launcher can use and build the same missiles that regular Missile Launchers can, and vice versa. Missiles launched from the MML will bypass shields and can be dodged by powered Engines like normal.


In Combat

The Multi Missile Launcher is generally best used in late-game builds. Strategies often involve pairing it with two Missile Launchers to enhance destructive combos. It has also featured in builds at ship level 5, where it can provide an edge for Penetrator builds that eliminate Mineral Mining Lasers in favor of Extra Crew Rooms to maximize advantage over players who do not own an MML yet. However, the room is a vulnerable target and likely to be focused due to having only one maximum power. Armor and man this room well to prevent opponents from scoring easy hull damage. Having only one power also means that any damage dealt to this room will reset its reload progress, making it easy to disrupt.

Missile Combos

3X Penetrator Spam [Win Condition] Penetrator6 + Penetrator6 + Penetrator6

This Missile Combo is basically the upgraded version of the normal Penetrator Spam combo. The extra Missile makes the combo even more threatening. As usual with Penetrator builds, target Engines to reduce dodge chance, and rooms with little Armor to get the most direct hull damage out of each missile.

Fire Spam [Support] Scarlet6 + Scarlet6 + Scarlet6

This Missile Combo is not as common as the 3X Penetrator Spam, but can be effective when paired with other weapon rooms. Try targeting rooms where many crew tend to huddle, like the Hangar, with this combo.

Disable Rooms [Support] EMP6 + EMP6 + EMP6

This Missile Combo is pretty self-explanatory. Target three rooms that you find a hassle to deal with. Usually these are the Hangar, Teleport, Ion Cannon, etc.

Freeze and Burn [Support] EMP6 + EMP6/Scarlet6 + EMP6/Scarlet6

This Missile Combo pairs the above two combos to create one super combo. The EMP Missile stunlocks a target room, while the Scarlet Missile damages the room, kills crew, and baits repair crew into the kill zone.


There has to be an AI inside the Multi Missile Launcher that equips currently built Missiles. If there isn't, the MML won't fire any Missiles during combat unless the player manually selects a Missile to fire. Here is a list of Missile Equip Commands and what Missile they refer to. In "Set Highest ___" commands, the Missile that deals the highest of that damage will be the Missile the room will swap to. The MML itself is categorized as a "Missile Room" in AI coding.

Set Cheapest Items -> Missile That Costs The Least Amount Of Gas Gas To Build
Set Dearest Items -> Missile That Costs The Most Amount Of Gas Gas To Build
Set Item To None -> Unequip Missiles
Set Highest System Damage -> [Usually] Set to Built Rocket Missiles
Set Highest Hull Damage -> Set to Built Penetrator Missiles
Set Highest EMP Damage -> Set to Built EMP Missiles
Set Highest Character Damage -> [Usually] Set to Built Jungle or Scarlet Missiles
Set Highest Fire Items -> Set to Built Scarlet Missiles
Set Highest AP Damage -> Set to Built Javelin Missiles

Crew Interactions

The Multi Missile Launcher is buffed with the Weapon WeaponIcon stat on crew. The formula used with this stat can be found here.

Powered Rooms

Weapon Rooms

Energy Rooms: Mineral Mining LaserKias BlasterK BlasterPlasma PhaserPhaserLaser BlasterPhoton DisruptorEMP CannonIon Cannon

Ballistic Rooms: BolterRailgun

Missile/DOA Rooms: Missile LauncherMulti Missile LauncherHangarTeleportMedium Weapons Platform

Defensive Rooms

Defends Via Damage: Anti Craft LaserSecurity GateGas TrapZaki Tentacle GardenDisintegrator Gate

Defends Via Support: Shield GeneratorShield BatteryMed BayToiletAndroid StudioVisiri MechbayRadar

Defends Via Dodge: EngineFusion Drive EngineCloak Generator


Small ReactorFusion ReactorCoal Reactor