"Medium sized missile filled with chemical warhead. Effective against crew."

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The Jungler Missile is the first missile you can research for the Missile Launcher. The Jungler Missile does no hull damage, bypasses shields, and does massive crew damage to crew in the room of impact. This Missile is great at taking out Teleport crew. This missile is also buffed (Increase In Level) by researching Jungler.


The (Jungler6 + EMP6) Combo:

This strategy usually involves targeting enemy crew in the Teleport room. It first uses the EMP Missile to immobilize the Teleport and then the Jungler to massacre the crew. Although this is effective, Scarlet Missiles are much more effective later on do to the bonus of system damage.

The (Jungler6 + Jungler6) Combo:

This strategy is not very common, it simply involves sending two Jungler Missiles to kill the teleporting crew as fast as possible. When using this trick it is important never miss a missile as you have no way of stun locking the Teleport effectively.

The (Jungler6 + Any System Damage) Combo:

This strategy uses system damage to lure repair crew into the path of the Jungler Missile, big mistake for them. You simply need anything that can do system damage to fire right after the Jungler Missile fires. This ensures that the repair crew won't run away when they finish.

AI Tips

The AI you put when you use the Jungler Missile can also be important. Here is a short little guide on what will work to your advantage. Note, that you must put this AI on the Missile Launcher. Firstly, here is an average Anti-Teleport AI. Furthermore, if you have a Scarlet Missile in your inventory, the highest crew damage dealer will be chosen.

The Average Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Target Enemy Teleport
None -> Set Highest Character Damage

If you have researched Python AI Buffs in Researches you can do a much more advanced AI.

Python AI Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
Target Room Has Enemy -> Target Enemy Teleport
None -> Set Highest Character Damage
None -> Target (?)

This AI is much more complicated, it allows you to target another room once the crew in the teleport are dead, or if the enemy doesn't have a teleport. The room of your choice should be the Shield, or you can do this combo.

Kill and Switch Python AI Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
Target Room Has Enemy -> Target Enemy Teleport
Your Ship Has An Active Shield -> Set Highest Character Damage
Your Ship Has No Active Shield -> Set Highest (?)
Your Ship Has No Active Shield -> Target Enemy (?)

This AI lets you switch to another missile in your inventory and allows you to target another room. This works really well with the Penetrator Missile but other Missiles could work.


Space Speed
Level Character Damage Build
12401m 15s
22.2801m 20s
32.51001m 25s
42.81201m 30s
53.21501m 35s
63.82001m 40s


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