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What Are Fleets?Edit

Fleets are like a faction or group, and can be used for many things in Pixel Starships. You can donate your crew members to a fleet or borrow crew from other fleet members, and access the fleet chat.

To join a fleet, you first must create the Fleet Council. After that depending on the Council's level, you can either borrow crew from your fleet mates or lend some. To access this line of crew, click on the fleet council and click the button "Borrow". When you leave a fleet all borrowed crew will disappear.

Once in a fleet, you cannot remove your Fleet Council. You also gain the ability to chat only with your fleet mates in the chat interface. You also cannot encounter them in PvP (Does not apply for events).

Limits Edit

Fleets are limited to 100 members, so make sure you choose wisely. New members joining your fleet will have an icon next to them in the fleet list. This means that they are new and the icon will disappear after 7 days. Members with the icon next to them will only recieve a fraction of the starbux when a tournament ends.

Open alliances will automatically let you join and borrow crew. Private fleets will put you on hold until your accepted. However, you still immediately get the fleets's insignia and the ability to borrow crew.

Starbase Edit

Fleets also can create a starbase, this allows for many more benefits to members.

See Starbase for more info.

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