"EMP missiles interrupts electronics system causing them to be disabled temporarily."

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The EMP Missile is the third missile you can research for the Missile Launcher. The EMP Missile delivers an Stun to a room, and if you’re timing is fast enough, it can permanently stun a room. This missile is also buffed (Increase In Level) by researching EMP Technology.


The (EMP6 + EMP6) Combo:

This strategy usually involves targeting two different rooms, like two Missile Launchers or win conditions like the Hangar. Usually there has to be some crew in your Missile Launcher to be able to launch the EMP fast enough to perma-stun. This strategy is still really annoying either way and counters Penetrator Missile spam.

The (EMP6 + Jungler6) Combo:

This strategy usually is used to kill all crew in the enemy Teleport without them teleporting to your ship. The EMP will stun lock the Teleport while the Jungler murders all crew inside.

The (EMP6 + Scarlet6) Combo:

This strategy is a much more advanced version of the above mentioned one. This strategy uses a Scarlet Missile to attract repair crews and kill them with slow fire damage. The EMP makes sure that the repair crew are just wasting their time on a stun locked room.

AI Tips

The AI you put when you use the EMP Missile is probably the most important out of all of the Missiles. Remember that EMP only effects charge rooms, so EMP against the Reactor will do absolutely nothing. Remember to put this AI in the Missile Launcher.

The Average Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
None -> Target Enemy Teleport
None -> Set Highest EMP

This is the average settings to stun lock the teleport if your conditions are right. There isn't much to do against this type of AI besides attacking the Missile Launchers. However, with Python AI Buffs you can make it even more deadly like this.

Python AI Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
Target Room Has Enemy -> Target Enemy Teleport
None -> Set Highest EMP
None -> Target (?)

This AI is much more complicated, it allows you to target another room once the teleporter is not a threat. Usually the secondary target should be a weapon room. You can also switch the missile to do something else, like this.

EMP and Switch Python AI Settings:

None -> Set Maximum Power
Target Room Has Enemy -> Target Enemy Teleport
Your Ship Has An Active Shield -> Set Highest EMP
Your Ship Has No Active Shield -> Set Highest (?)
Your Ship Has No Active Shield -> Target Enemy (?)

This AI lets you switch to another missile in your inventory and allows you to target another room. This works really well with the Penetrator Missile but other Missiles could work.


Space Time To Reach Enemy
Level EMP Build
28s2102m 5s
38.30s2202m 10s
49s2302m 15s
59.30s2402m 20s
610s2502m 25s


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