Special Abilities Edit

Special abilities are often found on Unique grade characters, that also have 3 stars of quality.

In order to have access to the special ability, the character must level up until 10 or above, and only then he will have access to use his special ability.

Unique characters :

Starship commander: Awesome - Rush command - Increases the loading speed
of the current room.

Starship Commander: - Sexy - To be edited

Starship commander: Millionarie - To be edited

Male Nurse: Healing Rain - Heals all units on the current room

Davo ( or Dave) : First aid - Heals yourself.

Certain 3 stars units tend to have more health than others, so it is not all units in the game who have 3 or more stars that has an health above equal or above 3.

Example: "Dave" has two health, while male nurse has 3 health.

Stars are the the golden symbols next to the character name that can be saw on the Recruit screen, or on the profile page of the characters. I don't know a unique name for those stars, so I only call stars for reference.

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